Going Chemical-Free

Going Chemical-Free

Tips on making your home chemical free.

We all have to start somewhere in our quest to remove toxins and harmful chemicals from our homes. I know many of you feel overwhelmed by this and may not know where to start.

Can I help by giving you some easy steps?

Here are three products that are likely in your cupboards and are simple to begin with.


Essential Oils

Baking Soda

glass bottle of vinegar
dropper bottle with essential oil glass bottle of baking soda with a spoon

Vinegar is a great multipurpose tool for cleaning around the home. It's safe for everyone including pets! Use it with distilled water and lemon essential oil to clean the floors, or let it sit in your humidifier to clean out all the mineral buildup. There are so many ways that vinegar can replace harsh chemicals like bleach.

There is so much available information on essential oils! In short, when used properly, they are known to promote healing, rest, and balance. One of our favourite ways to use essential oils is in a diffuser at bedtime. Lavender essential oil is our go-to pick for a restful slumber.

Baking soda is not just for baking when it comes to a chemical-free home! Use it easily in cleaning as well as skincare. When used to clean, baking soda works as a scrubber, deodorizer, and unclogger. In skincare, it is antibacterial, works to soothe itchy skin and works as a gentle exfoliator in scrubs and bath salts.

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